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quick ? for everyone
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12th Jan 2017

What are the rough times of the day/night do people play?

for me.....its mostly random during the week. On the weekends Iv been playing quite a bit.

My game name is the same as here. Feel free to add me in game.  I will be more than happy to get blown out of a turret or be someone wing man.
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12th Jan 2017

It's been random for me as well.  We have members in different time zones too, which can be a great benefit as there will probably be someone on at any time of the day.  I'm often on in the evening during the week (Eastern US timezone) and weekends are dependent on other activities, so pretty random there.  2.6 is a bit buggy for me at the moment and the overall lack of content at this point in development means that I'm not spending too much time in game just yet.  That being said; when 3.0 goes live, i'll be putting in some more hours.  I've been adding everyone to the friends list so that I can get on the same server.  The problem is that there are only 24 people allowed per server, so it is sometimes full and the disconnects I get make it hard to do any reliable group play at this time.  3.0 should change that.  Additionally, there should be some new org improvements coming our way.  There will be spectrum, and at some point, the fleet view.  Hopefully they will update the PSR this week so we can estimate the time frame.  I've already had some good times flying multicrew with some of you.  Maybe I'll see you soon; that starfarer needs those turrets manned!  
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